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About Us

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool”
- Lester Bangs

Do you want to know where local live music is happening but don’t know where to look? Looking for a record store or where to get music lessons, buy an instrument, or get one repaired? Need a new bandmember, recording studio, or want to donate to a local music charity? What if you could find all this and more in one place?

Created out of a love for music and a desire to support and promote Sonoma County music, Sonoma Grown Music was born. A starting place, hub, and connection point for everything music. 

Our tagline says it all… “Everything Music”

Sonoma Grown Music had its beginnings in 2004 as Sonoma Music Online. The concept of one place to find it all endures and it has grown to become a shared community of music lovers, for music lovers.

Look around, spend some time getting to know about (or more about) the Sonoma Grown musicians, stores, and venues that are all around us and we can all support. We are Sonoma County’s music resource and your home for Sonoma County music. We are Sonoma Grown Music.